Hi, I'm Emmette Luter, owner of Luter's Supply. I
believe so much in our walk-in baths that I had one
installed in my mother's home as well as my own.
I'm also personally involved with every walk-in bath
order and have talked to thousands of customers
in situations similar to yours.
  • Hundreds of walk-in tubs in stock
  • 17 walk-in bathtubs on display
  • Wholesale prices
  • 5 name brand walk-in bath manufacturers
  • Over 70 different tub configurations available...in stock!!!
  • Inspection and water testing of tubs prior to shipment
  • Real expert knowledge—Manufacturers consult Luter's
    Supply on how to improve product function & quality
Walk-in Baths
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Actual unit in the home of Emmette Luter's mother
Why Luter's Supply?